domingo, 27 de noviembre de 2011

The enigma of Reginald Savage

Clark M. Zlotchew was born in Jersey City, NJ USA. He has had 17 books published, but only 3 of them are his own fiction. Two of these are novels while the latest is a collection of his short stories. The most recent novel, The Caucasian Menace (2010), is an espionage/thriller.

The Enigma of Reginald Savage

A short story about literature and authorship, as well as the tension between cultural assimilation and ethnicity, with Jorge Luis Borges, Julio Ricci and Fernando Sorrentino in the cast.

«Some startling, even fascinating, discoveries come one’s way purely by chance at times... I was in Buenos Aires during July and August 1984 to interview the world-renowned writer Jorge Luis Borges and several other Argentine authors. One evening I was a dinner guest at the elegant Arroyo Street apartment of the British-born playwright William Shand. Among the guests were writers with whom I had been corresponding for years but whom I had not met in person until that July. Julio Ricci, who had taken the boat from Montevideo to be present at this gathering, was involved in a heated discussion with Fernando Sorrentino. I joined them...»

Clark M. Zlotchew (People love fiction because it lends order to life, something that itself doesn´t do)

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