domingo, 30 de enero de 2011

Denise Levertov "The Well"

At sixteen I believed the moonlight
could change me if it would.
I moved my head
on the pillow, even moved my bed
as the moon slowly
crossed the open lattice.

I wanted beauty, a dangerous
gleam of steel, my body thinner,
my pale face paler.

I moonbathed
diligently, as others sunbathe.
But the moon´s unsmiling stare
kept me awake. Mornings,
I was flushed and cross.

It was on dark nights of deep sleep
that I dreamed the most, sunk in the well,
and woke rested, and if not beautiful,
filled with some other power.

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  1. When Levertov was five years old, she said she was going to become a writer. When she was 17, she published her first poem... She was very clear as to what she wanted!